Monday, May 4, 2009

Holy cow...the computers are here!!

We got the first part of the new shipment of computers today. We ordered 266 computers and 266 monitors. We got somewhere around 200 of each so far. We have to do a lot to get the machines ready to be installed at the branches or departments that they go to. For those of you who have ever wondered, the process goes like this:
  1. "Unbox" the computer and monitor
  2. Put asset tags on each item
  3. Write down all serial numbers and express service tag numbers
  4. Unwrap all the peripherals, such as mouse and keyboard and the cables
  5. Turn on the computer and set up the BIOS (this is the very basic settings for the computer, such as date/time and hardware settings)
  6. Image the computer with the correct image, such as catalog or staff or internet
  7. Put all the items back into one box neatly in preparation for installation
  8. Mark the box and stack it off to the side
  9. Repeat the process about 265 more times
Now you know what is involved in processing a shipment of new computers. After we process them, we schedule the installations for the departments and branches. We usually can process about 10-20 computers a day. What slows us down is the massive amount of packing material. We will fill up the recycle bin at Central every day during this process. When we install them, we usually install about 6 a day for staff and sometimes more than that if they are for public use. This year may be a little bit different since we are also doing the PC Reservation installations over the next couple of months.


  1. That sounds like A LOT of work! Thank you!

  2. Looking forward to my new PC next week! Thanks!

  3. WOW! I noticed it was a bit crowded with boxes when I brought the lab back on Tuesday but 266 is quite a stack!

  4. I can't wait for mine--thank you!